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Born in a pigs’ nest, Lina led a poor life in her childhood. She was looked down upon by the children of her generation. But she intended to become a doctor after she came across Lin Qiaozhiby chance, whowas delivering medicalcourses to an audiencecrowding around her. B|ore moving off, Lin inspired her to carry on her study. With Lin’s support, Lina entered an institute and studied hardsparing no time for entertainment.Her being outspoken and modest won respect for her. Her excellent arguing skills and observation ability put others into the shade.

Now, Lina has become a specialist in human beings’ emergencysickness. Her kindness and consideratebehavior to the poor were wellknown. The organization she founded carried out campaigns and welfareprojects to help cut the death rate for the poor. Her job washard but worthwhile. She often r|ers to the connection between her achievement and Lin Qiaozhi, and says that her poor childhood is the bond between her and the poor.


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A New Farming Way


Tuan was a farmer in Vietnam. For decades, he had been struggling to rid his family of hunger. However, it always confused him how to expand the output of his crops. This disturbing problem led to his regretting being a farmer. He would rather have chosen another job.
One day, when skimming through a newspaper, Tuan read a comment on Yuan Longpin. He underlined Yuan’s nationality and occupation, and then focused on his discovery and the statistics of his research. He found the knowledge Yuan circulatedvery practical. Ther|ore, hemade a summary and began to build up a new farming method. He planted super grain of rich nutrition and equipped himself to keep his crops roots free from bacteria and pests. He also enriched minerals in the soil while reducingchemical fertilizers. Though it cost him more time and freedom, he was full of hope.
The next year, Tuan was sun burnt but satisfied with his production very much. Thanks to Yuan Longpin, he not only won the battle against hunger, but he could also export his crops abroad.





Chaplin was an extraordinaryperformer who starred in and directed many outstanding comedies. Few were bored watching his moustache, his gestures or his entertainingreactions when chased by detectives. Being drunk, sliding on a banana skin or whispering his own failures to nobody, he made us feel more content with our life without any verbal explanation. His particular sense of humor has astonished everybody throughout the world up to now.
In a small budget film, he played a badly-off and homeless person wearing worn-out shoes and messy clothes. On one occasion, he was trapped by a snowstorm in a vast mountainous area. Though he overcame many difficulties, he wasn’t fortunate enough. With all the porridge eaten up, he picked out a shoe and boiledit to eat. He cut off the leather bottom and chewed it like a pancake. According to an actress, his acting was so convincing and amusing that everybody couldn’t help bursting into laughter.



A Misunderstanding


Ingeneral,spoken statements are the major way of communication, but body language and facial expressions also have such kinds of function. For example, yawning means being not interested and turning one’s back to someone or swinging your fist shows your anger. But whatthose gestures really mean is subjective in different cultures. Thus, misunderstandings happen now and then in today’s world of cultural crossroads.
Once, representing the Adults’ Education Association, I went to the airport to meet an official of high rank from Columbia and take him tohis dormitory and then to the canteen. After the flight arrived, I saw a man looking around curiously. So I approached to greet him. He suddenly dashed to hug me and kissed me on both cheeks. As a young girl, I felt truly embarrassed and put up my hands to d|end myself. His false smile told me that he had lost face. Later, I received a cassette from him, in which he recorded his apology. On hearing that Columbians were more likely to kiss others, I soon felt at ease.




A Unique Theme Park


As soon as our shuttlegot close to the theme park by the freeway, everyone came to life and put on cloth sneakers in advance for an outing. Our translator paid for the admission,and we started enjoying the various attractions in the sunlight.
According to the travel brochure, this unique park is famous for its well preserved minority culture. We experienced many deeds of the early settlers, such as swinging across rivers, hunting creatures in the jungle, or taking part in swords fighting tournaments.
This park is also famous for itswooden souvenirs. Whichever we bought in the central shop was made of wood,and wherever we went we could see minority carpenters working. They made wooden tools, wooden cartoon figures, woodenathletic products and so on. They even built a huge wooden engine with a length of 20 metres, which was modeled after a real one.
This theme park is really a fantasy amusement park. No wonder it has become the brand of local tourism.






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