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Where can I catch a taxi?哪里我可以叫到出租车?
The taxi zone is right on the l|t corner over there.出租车站台就在左边转角处。
Are you free?您有空吗?
Sure. Where are you going?当然。您要去哪里?
Drive me back to Santa Clara.载我到圣塔克莱拉。
Santa Clara? OK. That s about 20 miles away.圣塔克莱拉?好的,大约是20英里远。
How much will it cost?需要多少钱?
That ll be thirty-six dollars, sir.先生,车费是36元。
Here you are. You can keep the change.给你。零钱不用找了。
You re very generous.你真慷慨。
That s alright. You re a lot of help.没关系。你帮了很大的忙。
Take me to the railway station.载我到火车站。
Take me back.载我回去。
What is the charge for that?那要多少费用?
How much extra do I have to pay for that?我还要另外付多少?
Keep the change for yourself.找回的钱你留着。
The change is yours.找回的钱给你。
Don t give me the change anymore.不必给我找钱了。
Is this the bus that goes by the mall?这班公共汽车经过商业街吗?
No, it isn t. But you can transfer from this bus to bus number 22.不,不经过。但是你可以搭这班车转乘22路。
Good. How much is the fare?好。车费多少?
It s seventy-five cents for adults and thirty cents for children under twelve.大人75美分,12岁以下的小孩30分。
Will it cost for the transfer?转车要钱吗?
Yes. When you get on the transfer bus, just show the bus driver this ticket stub.要。当你上了转乘的公共汽车时,就把这张票根给司机看。
You will only have to pay another ten cents and a nickle for your child.你只需另外再付10美分,而你的孩子只要再付5美分。
That sounds pretty good.听起来挺好的嘛!
You can take a seat now.现在你找个座位坐下吧。
When you re ready to get off, remember to press the button near your seat.当你要下车时,记得按你座位旁的按钮。
Is this bus going to Dallas?这车开往达拉斯吗?
Get me off at the Fifth Avenue.请在第五大道让我下车。
Where can I put the coin?硬币要放在哪儿?
How long does it take?要花多久时间?
Can you tell me how to get to the railroad station?你能告诉我怎样去火车站吗?
May I help you, sir?需要我帮忙吗,先生?
I d like to cash some traveller s checks here.我想在这儿兑换一些旅行支票。
Certainly. Do you have any identification?当然可以。你有任何证明文件吗?
Yes, I have my Passport. Here it is.是的,我有护照。这就是。
Fine. How much would you like to exchange, sir?好的。您要兑换多少呢,先生?
What s the exchange rate today?今天的兑换比率是多少?
A dollar is valued at eight point two RMB yuan.一美元价值8.2元人民币。
Five hundred dollars, please. And could you give me ten dollar in small change?请换500美元。再另外能否给我10元的小面额零钱?
Here you go, sir.可以,先生。
Will it take long?要很久吗?
No. Please endorse the check at the back.不会的。请在支票的背面签名。
Anything can I help you with?有我能帮忙的地方吗?
Are you being waited on?您需要服务吗?
I d like to convert some RMB yuan to US dollar, please.请将我的一些人民币换成美元。
Please cash this check.请兑现这张支票。
I want to pick up the car tomorrow morning at seven. Are you open then?我想在明天早上7点提车。那时你们开门了吗?
Yes, we are, Mr. Wang. How are you going to pay?对,我们开门。你打算如何付钱?
May I pay in cash?可以付现金吗?
We d pr|er a credit card, if you have one.如果你有信用卡,我们较喜欢信用卡。
Yes, of course.可以,当然可以。
How long will you keep the car?这车你要用多久?
Just three days.只要三天。
Are you going to return it here?你要在这里归还吗?
No. I want to leave it in Chicago.不。我想把它留在芝加哥。
That will be fine.那可以。
Here s my visa card.这是我的visa卡。
Just a minute. Here s your receipt.请等一下。这是你的收据。
Do you mind if I pay in cash?你介意我付现金吗?
Do you have any objections to my paying in cash?你反对我付现金吗?
My plans force me to leave it in Chicago.我的计划使我必须将它留在芝加哥。
Anything else, sir?先生,还要别的东西吗?
That s all for now. How much do I owe you?目前这些就够了,我要付你多少钱?
That ll be fifty-five dollars and twenty cents.一共55元2角。
Can t you make it a little cheaper?你不能算便宜一点?
Oh, no sir. We already gave you a discount on each item.哦,不行,先生。每一件东西我们都给你打过折扣了。
OK. I understand. Thank you.好吧,我懂了,谢谢你。
Any discount, OK?可以打个折扣吗?
It is too expensive. How about half the price?太贵了,半价怎么样?
Only a five percent discount? How about twenty percent?只打九五折?八折怎么样?
What a price! Lower it, please?这么高的价格!请降点。
I ll take it. But the price is a bit high. How about free wrapping?我买了。但价格有点高,免费包装怎么样?
Good afternoon. What s the trouble?下午好。有什么不舒服吗?
I ve had a pretty high fever since yesterday morning.从昨天早上起,我就一直发高烧。
Anything else?还有其它的吗?
Yes. I have an upset stomach.是的,我的胃很难受。
I see. We ll take a good look at you.我明白了。我们会好好替你看看。
Do you have any other symptoms? Any more than those you ve described?你有没有其它的症状?除了那些你已叙述过的?
No. That s about all.没有。大概就是这些。
Well, I don t think it s anything serious.嗯,我想没有什么严重的。
I m relieved to hear that.你的话使我松了一口气。
I m having trouble eating.我吃东西时有困难。
What I eat won t stay down.我吃东西时感到恶心。
Nothing will stay down when I eat.我吃下去的东西全吐出来了。
I m having some trouble keeping food down.我吃东西时感到困难。
That s load off my mind.这一来我心里轻松了。
That s reli|.真令人欣慰。
That s reassuring.真令人安心。
Are there any tours for the Grand Canyon?有到大峡谷的旅游团吗?
There are several tours of the Grand Canyon.到大峡谷有好几个旅游团。
Have you been to our Tourist Information Center? 你去过我们的 旅客服务中心 吗?
No, I haven t. Would you show me where that is?不,没去过。你可以告诉我去哪里吗?
Sure. It s up ahead to your l|t.好的。往前走,在你的左边。
I heard that some tours actually go down into the canyon. Is that true?我听说有的旅游团真正下到峡谷里去了。那是真的吗?
Yes. It s a great way to really see the canyon.真的。那是真正参观峡谷的好方式。
In addition, it s great exercise too, since we do a lot of hiking.还有,那也是个好的运动,因为我们要长距离徒步旅行。
That sounds fantastic. Where do I go to sign up for that tour?那听起来好极了。我到哪里去报名参加呢?
Go inside the Information Center.到服务中心去。
And tell them you want to go on the tour that goes down into the canyon.跟他们说你要参加到峡谷里去的旅游团。
You pay there. I have the next group to go down. I ll see you soon then.你在那儿付钱。我带的下一个团就是要下去的。回见!
Would you mind telling me what the climate is like in California?您能告诉我加利福尼亚的气候怎么样?
Have you ever been there?你去过那儿吗?
Is it true that it s full of wonders there?那里充满了奇异的景观,是真的吗?
When was it built?它是什么时候建造的?
Could you give m

e some information on your European tours?你可以给我一些你们经办的有关 旅行的资料吗?
Our pleasure.好的。